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Break Through The Emotions That Keep You Stuck In Your Life And Career

With Dr Marcia Becherel and Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI)

Dr Marcia Becherel

Are you seeking a life transformation?

Are you currently in a state of struggle (stressed, lost, stuck) or melt down and need help to move forward?

Are you feeling you're currently not living up to your true potential?

Deep down you know you're capable of much more...

But there is that little nagging voice in your head to keeps you stuck

Or perhaps there are some subconscious "stuff", self-sabotage or behaviour patterns that are holding you back from truly shining and thriving...

If that's the case, you're in the right place!

Clients come to me because they are frustrated and feeling stuck of not being able to break through to the next level of their life, career or finances.

They often have done a lot of personal development work to get to where they currently are in their life, but there seems to be mental or emotional roadblocks that they haven't been able to pinpoint the root cause to break through those issues...

And that when they decide to reach out!

I facilitate personal transformation by identifying and breaking through deeply rooted unconscious emotional baggage and helping my clients gain new insights through conscious integration

If you want to... 

Emotional Breakthrough

Break Through Mental & Emotional Roadblocks

Resolve internal conflicts, self-doubt and break through limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and negative patterns

Calm and inner peace

Align Mind, Body & Soul For More Ease and Flow in Life

Dissolve tension and energy blockages in your mind and body to restore flow for optimal wellbeing

Personal Growth

Regain Your Personal Power To Up Level Your Game

Overcome behavioural patterns that keep you stuck and hold your back from moving forward in life

If you're ready to free yourself from the emotions that are weighing you down and take your life, career and finances to the next level...

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Here is how I help you create results:

  • Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI)

  • The Demartini Method® and Universal Principles

  • HeartMath®

  • Parts Integration

  • Here are the type of things I can help you with:

    Feeling Stressed and stuck
  • Career and business struggles

  • Financial stress

  • Relationships conflicts & challenges

  • Physical ailments & illness

  • Identity crisis & Soul purpose

  • Self-worth & confidence

  • Childhood trauma

  • Dr Marcia Becherel - Creator of NEI

    Hi I’m Dr Marcia,

    I am a Personal Transformation Facilitator and the creator of NEI MethodTM (Neuro Emotional Integration). Expanding beyond my academic qualifications as a MD and PhD, I found my purpose and mission in facilitating personal transformation.

    I support people in the emotional turning points in their life. My gift is to assist people to identify and break through the conscious and unconscious emotional roadblocks that are holding them back from stepping into their truth.

    This enables them to connect with their authentic self so they can live their most inspiring, empowered and purposeful life.

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    Here are just what some of my clients are saying...

    Emily Gowor

    Every NEI session I’ve had with Marcia has been profound and life-altering. During one of our recent sessions, we healed a guilt I’d been carrying my entire life – 32 years. The guilt was around receiving my mother’s love when I was 6 months in the womb. The emotional shift in the session was powerful, but what happened in the 8 weeks that followed was even more powerful. A stream of clients suddenly showed up. I effortlessly generated more than $48,000 in business, and nearly half of those clients paid for their packages in FULL – which has never happened in the 12 years I’ve been in business. There is no doubt in my mind the session Marcia and I did enabled me to open up and receive what I want – including achieving my financial goals. THANK YOU, Marcia.

    Emily Gowor

    Inspirational Author & Writer, Speaker

    Veronica Bautista

    Marcia is a true healer. I had the honour of working with Marcia to overcome emotional blockages while going through the program, Clear Path Forward. Marcia made me feel completely at ease and relaxed with my total trust in her method (in what I was anticipating to be a confronting session of discovering and potentially rediscovering emotional memories and triggers). Experiencing an incredible mix of her medical background and holistic wellness knowledge, Marcia helped me to clear the emotional blocks and gave me practical tools to better manage my emotions. This resulted in being able to better manage my emotions, giving myself a clear path forward in various areas of my life.

    Nica Bautista

    Yogi, Yoga Brand & Marketing Coach

    Sam Wright

    I came to Marcia with an issue that I have about not feeling like I have a voice. Before the session, I didn’t have boundaries, I didn’t hold my space and I felt quite intimidated around strong personalities. I felt like I could be easily steamrolled. After the session and clearing right down to when I was in the womb and all the subsequent threads that were attached to that, the shift has been incredible. I am now really strong in myself, I take up space in a really self-assured way. Now I feel great around any type of person. I don’t feel intimidated or like I can be easily manipulated now. The shift in my life has just been incredible because I’m in business with three powerful men, so now I’m feeling super powerful as well and I would highly recommend calling Marcia and talking about your issue and actually going through the process because it is life-changing. It goes down to the root and there is no further down you can go than Marcia goes so it makes all the difference.

    Sam Wright

    Jackie Mortimer

    I had a session with Marcia who assisted me to dissolve my fear in regards to not having money. This fear was consuming my mind and body. When my husband, who works as a casual, was not called in for work some days the fear would come up within and haunt me. Marcia asked some great questions that took me deep into my fear. Marcia continued to ask me questions while I was deep in my fear and I was amazed by the answers that came from within. The fear literally dissolved and I was no longer afraid. Marcia taught me that my fear is a feedback mechanism showing me that I was judging myself for not taking steps in fulfilling my values. I am thankful to Marcia for her skills, professionalism and patience which assisted me to breakthrough my fear and I have the tools to take away with me to dissolve any further future fears.

    Jackie Mortimer 

    What could be possible if you were to dissolve the mental and emotional roadblocks that are holding you back from taking your life and career to the next level?

    Free yourself from the stress stored in your mind and body so you can regain your personal power, energy and vitality!

    It's time to shine and thrive!

    You deserve it and you owe it to yourself!

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    Listen To Marcia's Tips

    A collection a short sound bites from Marcia to help you break through roadblocks and live on purpose.

    Rise & Thrive

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