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Dr Marcia Becherel - Personal Empowerment Coaching

Transform Your Life & Fulfil Your Potential With Neuro Emotional Integration

with Dr Marcia Becherel

Neuro Emotional Integration

You're only a breakthrough away from discovering a new YOU and stepping into your true potential!

Contrary to what most people think, overcoming limiting beliefs, negative patterns and emotional roadblocks doesn't have to be a difficult, long and painful process...

I have spent the past 30+ years to research and explore the mind and body to find a holistic approach to expand awareness and unlock human potential

As a result of my research and experience working clients over all these years, I gradually developed my own personal transformation method - Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI) - to facilitate long-lasting rapid personal transformation for myself and my clients

NEI is a unique process that allows you to identify and break through deeply rooted unconscious emotional baggage and helps you gain new insights through conscious integration so you can step up to the level in your life, career, business or finances

NEI will help you...

Breakthrough Emotions

Break Through Mental & Emotional Roadblocks

Resolve internal conflicts, self-doubt and break through limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and negative patterns

Calm and inner peace

Align Mind, Body & Soul For More Ease And Flow In Life

Dissolve tension and energy blockages in your mind and body to restore flow for optimal wellbeing

Personal growth

Regain Your Personal Power To Up Level Your Game

Overcome behavioural patterns that keep you stuck and hold you back from moving forward in life

If currently...

  • You feel your emotions are running the show and you want to regain control of your life

  • You have big plans for the future and you want to make sure you’ve cleared past emotional baggage that may be in the way of you achieving your personal, professional and financial goals

  • You’re ready to play a bigger game in life

  • You know deep down there is more to you and it’s time to show it to the world!

  • You just need that little help that will put on track for more success, impact and money

  • Then NEI can help you!

    Benefits clients have experienced after NEI include:

    • A calm and relaxed physical body.

    • Clear-headedness and mental clarity.

    • An increase in personal confidence.

    • Seeing inspired visions and ideas.

    • Resolution in personal relationships.

    • Increases in self-love and self-worth.

    • Certainty on the next step to move forwards.

    • A deepened sense of self and purpose.

    • Lasting healing of emotional issues.

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    How NEI works...

    Neuro Emotional Integration Framework

    Developed by Dr Marcia Becherel (MD, PhD), Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI) works with the conscious mind, unconscious mind, and the physical body together to restore the flow of energy and information in the body, creating perceptual shift in people’s lives.

    NEI restores homeostasis (balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system) by freeing the emotional charges stored in the body, thereby supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.

    NEI traces a present-day issue – a physical symptom, a mental or emotional issue and/or a repeating pattern – back to its original source and integrates the initial problem to create a profound ripple effect in the person’s future.

    Based on a 30-year study and practical experience into universal laws, human behaviour, energy medicine and the physical body, NEI enables people to understand what is holding them back and breakthrough to new levels of fulfilment and achievement in all areas of life.

    Working on the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind, NEI will help you to breakthrough the psychological blocks that are holding you back

    Five Foundational Principles of NEI

      Yin Yang

      Yin Yang

      The Chinese concept of duality forming a whole. Yin and yang describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.



      Emotions represent the ebb and flow of energy and information that we sense during moment-to-moment shifts in our internal state throughout the day, and each emotion is stored in the body.



      As life goes on, we accumulate memories into larger files or clusters arranged along a timeline. These are known as Gestalts.



      The breath connects the mind and the body to restore energy and information flow.



      Tapping into the body’s biofeedback system through the application of precision manual muscle testing to identify energy blockages and neuro emotional complexes (NEC) to identify the root causes of problems.

    Neuro Emotional Integration (NEI) is a mind-body process that can help improve many behavioural, emotional and physical conditions using a methodology of finding and removing imbalances in the neurology related to the physiology of unresolved stress. 

    NEI is a powerful process that allows us to rewrite our ‘mental scripts’ and restore the normal flow of energy within the body, thereby bringing back homeostasis and adaptability to our fast changing environment. 

    Then, we begin to offer ourselves means to become active authors of our own life story.

    Delivered in 1-1 consultations online, NEI may be the tool you’ve been waiting for to create a lasting transformation in yourself and your life

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    From disintegrated to integrated with NEI

    NEI assists people to shift their mental, emotional, and physical state of being – sometimes drastically – within each session

    Clients who have received NEI with Dr Marcia experience a progression from disintegrated to integrated

    Many clients have received solutions to problems and life-changing insights while experiencing NEI

    What Some of Marcia's Clients Are Saying...

    Imagine what could be possible if you would fully express your unique potential and live the life you know you are capable of

    You deserve to unlock your true potential, go after your dreams, and live the life of your dreams. You can build your dream career or business! 

    And the journey starts now with Neuro Emotional Integration!

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